Facility Specifications

Technical Specifications

The gallery space is a rectangle approximately 43'-4" x 59'-4" (clear inside dimensions). The floor is exposed concrete, and the walls are drywall with a layer of 3/4" plywood underneath it.

A pipe grid is located approximately 16'-6" above the floor, with the lighting grid mounted to the underside; the clear height above the floor is 16'. The grid is rectangular, 6'-6" in the east-west direction and 4'-0" in the north-south direction, and extends all the way to all of the walls.

Electrical power and data outlets are provided in the floor in the pattern of an 8-foot square grid. The grid starts approximately 6' inside the walls on all sides. There are 4 electrical outlets and 2 data outlets at each one of the locations in the floor. There is also a cable tray system above the pipe grid, which has both data and power, including tray-mounted power outlets. The cable tray forms a square of about 32' on each side and is centered in the room. There is also a leg running east-west at the midpoint of the sides.

The lighting grid is in the form of a 4' grid, mounted on and directly beneath the pipe grid.

The Beall's network infrastructure is fed by two redundant Gigabit fiber uplinks to the campus backbone. From those Gigabit uplinks the Beall is outfitted with two 100MB/s network outlets ever 8 feet on the floor and every 16 feet on the pipe-grid. Each outlet is a home run back to a patch panel that allow for a physically private network to be created or to be linked to the campus backbone.

Floor Plan of the Beall Center


Item Specs Qty
CD Players [Sony CDP-CE375] DOC 2
PC Speaker Sys. [Cambridge SoundWorks] RTF 1
Portable CD Players [Panasonic SL-CT470] DOCcs 4
Powered Speakers [JBL Eon 15] PDF 8
Sound Localizers [Brown Innovations] DOC 2
Stereo Headphones   3
Audio Mixer [Panasonic DA-7] DOC, PDF 1
DVD Players [Pioneer V7400] PDF, PDF 6
Matrix Switcher [Extrom 12 in, 8 out] DOC, PDF 1
Power Conditioner [DigiTech TSR-24S] PDF 1
VCR [Panasonic PV-8661] www, Image 1
Video Mixer [Panasonic WJ-MX20] www, RTF 1
Digital Video Camera [Sony DSR-PD150] DOC, PDF 1
Surveillance Cameras (B & W)   4
15" PC Monitor   2
20" Color TV [Sylvania 6420FB] PDF 4
27" Color TV [Sony KV-27V42] DOC, Image 1
13" Color TV/VCR [Panasonic PVM1369] www, Image 1
Epson Power Lite 8000i Specs, PDF, .EXE 1
ViewSonic PJ750 PDF, www, Specs 2
ViewSonic PJ1065 www, PDF 4
PC Workstation [Dell Dimension 8400P] www 3
PC Workstation [Dell 4550] www 2
Power Mac G5 Tower Dual 2.3GHz www 1
Apple G4 Tower www 1
Apple iMac DOC, PDF 1