Artist Talks - 2023 Beall Center Art + Technology Series

Image: AI Radio Play: Live Participatory Worldbuilding with GPT-3, an introduction for writers, theater makers, and creatives to generative text through a hands-on workshop culminating in a live, machine co-authored radio show.
Emergent Narrative Systems with Smith & Twomey
March 9, 2023 - 2:00pm
In this presentation, Ash Eliza Smith and Robert Twomey will discuss their collaborative work developing systems for collective co-authorship, speculative world-building, and performative AI. They will describe recent projects including Artificial Rural Imagination for Flyover Country, the AI Radio Play, Cleaning the Stables for the Herakles Project, and the Theater of Latent Possibilities. Together, these projects explore generative AI for real-time performance—creating live, participatory experiences hinging on the improvisatory dynamics of human-machine co-authorship. Ash Eliza Smith is...
Ulysses Jenkins
February 16, 2023 - 2:00pm
Ulysses Jenkins is a widely recognized video/performance artist, whose work has been show in a number of national and international venues. In the aftermath of 9/11 Jenkins initiated a project in reaction to the treatment of the women of Afghanistan, which resulted in the video DVD project entitled Bequest (2002). This video work was screened at the exhibit RE - Birth ~ Tono at Tropico De Nopal, Los Angeles (2002); 911 - A Memorial for All at Boswell-Crowe Fine Arts Gallery, Los Angeles (2002), and Fade: African-American Artists in Los Angeles, A Survey Exhibition (1990-2003). Bequest was...
Image: Katherine Behar, Roomba Rumba, 2015. Roombas, rubber tree plants, indoor/outdoor carpet tiles, sound. Variable dimensions. Photo: Soohyun Kim. Image courtesy of the artist.
What’s Automation Between Friends? with Katherine Behar
February 9, 2023 - 2:00pm
Would you ask a friend to do work you don’t want to do yourself? In automation, robots and other nonhuman devices perform labor that would otherwise have to be done by humans. This continues troubling histories of offloading unwanted work onto those considered less-than-human, including exploited people. Acknowledging these legacies, this lecture brings together examples of Behar’s artwork alongside episodes from media history and popular culture, all of which compel us to approach automation differently—as a matter of friendship. We are familiar with popular media that portrays automation...
Image: Cesar & Lois, Degenerative Cultures: fire and water, 2022 (project series 2018–2022); Book with Physarum polycephalum (microorganism) growth. Courtesy of the artists.
Computational Poetics: Language and Technology
January 12, 2023 - 2:00pm
Computational Poetics: Language and Technology Organized by Beall Center for Art + Technology Supported by UC Illuminations Anteater Learning Pavilion (ALP), Room 1300 Thursday, January 12 2PM PST   Language has met the challenge of computation by accelerating, leaping off the page, expressing its embodied nature, abbreviating itself, visualizing, manifesting via sonification and then joining the landscapes of the Anthropocene. Since the 1960s, artists and poets play a critical role in this transformation by exploring and exploiting the ever-expanding misalignment between...