Sight & Sound

Currently on view "Sight & Sound" a group exhibition featuring artists who combine sound with sculpture or video to create a variety of unique sonic and visual interactions. Influenced by John Cage, the works employ chance in their structure and a wide range of musical styles from noise to operatic. The exhibition includes works by artists Paul Demarinis, Lewis deSoto, Michelle Jaffé, George Legrady, and Ed Osborn.

The Beall Center's 2013-14 exhibition season focuses on artworks that are dedicated to our relationships with sound, space and sculpture, and that have influences by John Cage (see Beall video featuring John Cage:  Our season began with a group exhibition where artists used sound in various structures, rhythms and patterns.  The season will culminate with a solo exhibition by Swiss artist Zimoun who is creating a new commissioned work that incorporates a complex sound structure arranged and formed specific to the Beall Center’s gallery space.  Highlighting sound art and displaying the works in a year-long series provides a distinctive and comprehensive experience for our visitors. 

October 03, 2013 to January 25, 2014
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Paul Demarinis
Lewis deSoto
Michelle Jaffé
George Legrady