Associated Facilities



Labs + Studios

  • Artslab
    The main computer lab and center for tech support and training in the School
  • Digital Arts Teaching Lab
    A large PC-based computer classroom
  • ArtsTEC
    A large Mac-based computer classroom
  • Digital Arts Research Lab
    A small computer classroom for graduate students
  • Arts Media Center
    MIDI lab, computer lab, and music library
  • DATA Lab
    Computer classroom and lab in Studio Art for digital imaging and video
  • iGASP Lab
    A research lab that focuses on computer gaming
  • Gassmann Electronic Music Studio
    A state-of-the-art computer music facility
  • Realtime Music Studio
    Focuses on unconventional realtime control of electronic instruments
  • Motion Capture Studio
    Features an 8-camera optical motion capture system for digitizing human motion
  • Drama Design Lab
    Drama graduate student lab where all of our sets are designed
  • Costume Design Lab
    Drama graduate student lab where all of our costumes are designed
  • Stage Management Lab
    A lab and workshop where all of our shows are managed
  • Dance Video Editing Room
    A small editing suite for video and multimedia in Dance

Exhibition + Meeting Spaces
Halls + Theaters

  • CyberA Café
    The CyberA provides a campus venue for art students, visiting artists, and the community to view digital art informally, and to discuss art through electronic media. The environment is designed to highlight the display of digital art with "surf-stations" for small group viewing and a 'Cyber Jockey' projecting digital imagery on a wall-sized screen. The café is open during the week and during special hours for School of the Arts performances.

  • University Art Gallery
    Professional and student exhibition gallery

  • Irvine Barclay Theatre
    A modern, 760-seat proscenium stage
  • Claire Trevor Theatre
    A 285-seat proscenium stage
  • Winifred Smith Hall
    A 230-seat modified thrust-platform stage
  • Studio Theatre
    A flexible, 80-seat "black box" stage
  • Little Theatre
    An intimate, 165-seat proscenium stage
  • Nixon Theatre
    An intimate 50-seat laboratory and cabaret stage