MORPHONANO (extended through May 27) explores a number of art works created by media artist Victoria Vesna and nanoscientist James Gimzewski. Their collaborative works create an intersection of space, time and embodiment by employing a very subtle and responsive energetic exchange. Participants interact with the works in mindful ways resulting in rich visual and sonic experiences within a meditative space. By reversing the scale of nanotechnology to the realm of human experience, the artist and scientist create a sublime reversal of space-time.

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MORPHONANO includes the premier of "Brain Storming" consisting of a series of performances over the course of the exhibition at the Beall Center.  "Brain Storming" is a highly experimental piece that utilizes straightforward technology with high-end brain scientists engaging artists and humanists in dialogue.  Specifically the artist is interested in investigating how weather patterns are reflected on the electrical activity patterns of our brains and, philisophically, to ask if the human social upheavals are related to natural disasters.  This speaks histrically to at least Elizabethan times where Shakespeare frequently linked the events of nature to the deeds of humans as many poets still do and remains a strong motif in today's popular culture.

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Special Thanks to the Nicholas Endowment, The Beall Family Foundation, and Signature Party Rental for their support of this exhibitions and its related events.

February 02, 2012 to May 27, 2012
Curated By: 
David Familian
Press Release: 
Victoria Vesna
James Gimzewski