What is the meaning of "live" when the majority of our day-to-day interactions are so mediated? LIVE features nine artists who sample and transform data, photographs and video from the Internet and incorporate it into their sculptures and installations. Either extracting live footage or transmitting data in real time, they cull from diverse sources including Congressional speeches from C-Span, websites with Iraqi war casualties, a critique of consumerism from a peer-to-peer network and on-line video surveillance. As the artists isolate ideas and images from the steady stream of unrelenting data, they produce thought-provoking, aesthetic and "live" works of art. Curated by David Familian, includes Radical Software Group (Alexander R. Galloway) and MTAA (Mike Sarff & Tim Whidden), Natalie Bookchin, Aphid Stern, Michael Dale, Karen Finley, Siebren Versteeg, Ben Rubin.

April 03, 2008 to June 07, 2008
Curated By: 
David Familian
Press Release: 
Alexander R. Galloway
MTAA (Mike Sarff & Tim Whidden)
Natalie Bookchin
Aphid Stern & Michael Dale
Karen Finley
Siebren Versteeg
Ben Rubin