Call for Proposals

NOTE: The Beall Center is not soliciting exhibition proposals at this time.  However submissions may still be sent to the Beall Center for future exhibition consideration.

Exhibition Proposals Guidelines: The Beall Center for Art and Technology seeks projects of high artistic merit that use technology in innovative ways. We offer honorarium and project costs of up to $20,000 to realize the project in our 2500 square feet space. We are also interested in collaborating with other institutions to fund projects of larger scale. Exhibits are 12-16 weeks in length. 

The Beall Center produces exhibitions and performances in the visual arts, theater, dance, and music, and particularly seeks works that successfully integrate new forms or uses of technology with artistic production or performance. In addition, as the Beall Center has an exceptionally well-developed and flexible infrastructure, and knowledgeable staff, preference will be given to works that can not easily be displayed or performed elsewhere. 

ELIGIBILIY Artists, curators, or institutions are eligible to submit proposals. Priority is given to cross-disciplinary projects. Artists or organizations that have previously received funding from the Beall Center must wait at least two years before reapplying. Women and artists of color are encouraged to apply. 

AVAILABLE FACILITIES The Beall Center is a 2500 square foot black box with a highly configurable network grid, and connectivity to gigabit speed Ethernet. See “Facility” for additional information. 



PROPOSAL FORMAT NOTE: Proposal specifications must be followed exactly. Proposals not meeting the specifications will not be considered.  Proposals should be submitted in electronic format only – a single pdf document that includes: 

1) Contact Information (name of lead applicant, address, email, phone)

2) Project abstract: 100 words

3) Project description (500 word max.)

4) Resume or curriculum vitae for applicant and key participants (2 pages per participant) 5) One page itemized budget

6) Preliminary visual diagrams indicating installation concepts

7) List of equipment and other resources required. If you will require technical assistance, please outline the nature of that support (hardware, software, expectations of personnel, and programming skills that will be required).

8) Copy of any matching awards or copy of funding request for external and internal sources.  Priority will be given to projects with supplemental funding.

9) You should also have a checklist of the images with descriptions. Make them succinct because they will be seen with the image and there is not a lot of space.

10) Please be prepared to provide two references; you may be contacted during the review process to provide these. 

Samples of work:  Should be sent on a cd or dvd. Do not provide more then 20 images and or one video file (3min max).  Images should be jpegs not larger then 800x600; videos should be in QuickTime format and not larger then 640x480.

Send inquiries to David Familian | Artistic Director / Curator
Phone: 949-824-4543